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Ektaa Kapoor

It is your movie’s success party and you are the centre of attention (well, almost). Why the hell do you dress as if you have escaped a party in Goa??? From where should I start…hmmmm? I KNOW. The only person who looked good having forgotten to wear a bra was Kate Moss ten years ago. Now even she doesn’t go without. Then, I know Ektaa loves loose clothes and draping; I don’t remember ever having seen her in something different. The dress is not that bad; if only the fabric wasn’t that cheap. Last but not least: what’s with the shoes? They look perfect only for the beach. For a woman who had one of the biggest box office hits in 2011 (The Dirty Picture) this outfit is definitely not a success.

Ritiesh Deshmukh and Genelia Dsouza

What a sweet looking couple. I love Genelia’s dress; it shows off her lovely figure and the colours are so youthful and fresh, as is her whole look. Unpretentious and not too made up with a simple pony tail and minimal make up, she is like a fresh breeze in Bollywood’s heavy ensembles. Her shoes, clutch and jewellery are the perfect complements for this look.

Ritiesh is looking a bit tired, but on the other hand he is nursing what seems to be a broken toe.  His outfit is relaxed and what I like most about it is the quality. The plaid shirt, the distressed jeans and the white slippers are all looking great put together and complement Genelia’s outfit.

Amitabh Bachchan

Would Amitabh ever look bad? Not in my books. What obviously makes this outfit though is the velvet jacket. Nothing too unpredictable about the colour combination but the fabric definitely vamps the whole thing up. Please take notice of the jacket’s red lining – it is like a pair of Louboutin shoes just found their perfect match.

Vidya Balan

From what I know, Vidya is always wearing Sabyasachi; no wonder she is looking so classy. I don’t know about the maker of this specific sari but in any case it is looking gorgeous on her. She is wearing it with such ease and grace plus it seems like a great piece of work. Her hair is lush and her make-up is barely there; for me it is the look of the future for Indian actresses.

Kangna Ranaut

I just had a look at Kangna’s pictures over the years; boy hasn’t she changed. Firstly, she has lost a good 8-10 kgs (my eyes are like scales!) and secondly, she hired a stylist. I like the t-shirt with the jacket (I actually LOVE the jacket); I am not fond of the trousers though. I don’t like the colour or what seems to be a waxed texture. Overall the look flatters her now tiny figure, and the hair and make-up are totally spot on; she is like out of a sci-fi movie. The shoes are also appropriate. What I find totally bizarre though is her ‘attitude’. I mean, chill girl. And get some sleep.

Sarah Jane Dias

I love this look. Black jumpsuit with oversized belt and pink bag? Hell yeah! Sarah has the body to carry off this outfit and she has the PERFECT hair and make-up. She is looking fresh and quirky and echoing American pin up girls. 5 stars for the belt too.

Shriya Saran

If my clothes nose is working properly today Shriya is wearing an Herve Leger dress. The miracle-maker that sucks in everything and makes you look oh-so-sexy… Well not quite. I mean, ok, the dress looks really nice on her (she has the right figure) and I like the shoes and bag as well, but I ‘d rather she had added some colour with her accessories; something funky like neon pink or yellow. I am bored with everyone being so serious with their dress sense; c’mon people where is your playfulness? She looks pretty alright but also damn terrified of the process of picture taking and comes out as completely wooden. Next time have a little fun and don’t be bothered about what people like me would say!

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