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Ah wonderful, exciting and lovely kiwis! No not the ones down under, enjoying their covid-free lives in the little island nation of New Zealand. I’m taking about the green-mean-vitamin-c machine called the kiwifruit. Tasty, rich in all sorts of good stuff to keep you in great health, the kiwifruit isn’t as popular as the apple or orange, but with new and exotic fruits and berries now flooding the supermarkets it’s a great time to make them your daily go-to breakfast or snack. And the kiwis from Chile are particularly delicious.

I actually didn’t know the many benefits of this pretty green fruit: they can prevent blood clots! Sounds perfect in these times doesn’t it. They’re great for the skin, fight cancer, control diabetes, reduce asthma, improve immunity, help you sleep and have several other health-boosting properties. They’re also a great source of dietary fibre.

The beautiful country of Chile that stretches along the west coast of South America is a leading exporter of fruits and the third largest exporter of kiwis in the world.

Chilean Kiwifruit is available at several supermarkets in India now and on e-commerce platforms for home delivery, so give them a try and boost your immunity by eating and living well.

Tasting Tip

Kiwis taste best when they’re nice and ripe so leave them at room temperature with other fruits and the’ll ripen on their own.


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