<Review by: Sailesh Ghelani>

Directed by Andrea Di Stefano. Starring Joel Kinnaman, Rosamund Pike, Clive Owen, Common, Ana De Armas, Sam Spruell

Running time: 1 hour 53 minutes

The Informer is slow, dull, predictable, noisy, unimaginative and a waste of time and money.

Everything about The Informer is unoriginal. From the plot about an informer who goes undercover and gets screwed over by the ‘agency’ people who’ve put him there to the terrible twists towards the end, everything in this film can be predicted. It’s as if the writer and director thought that the sound editor and music guys would do their job for them. Because there’s lots of thumping background music trying very hard to ramp up the tension when there is nothing happening on screen. And the sound effects like the siren in the prison are so irritating it makes you want to run out of the theatre with your fingers in your ears.

Rosamund Pike and Clive Owen play their roles as if they’re sleep walking. And if Clive Owen is in a film then you don’t really need to guess who the villain is. Very lazy casting.

The plots starts off with some intrigue as you wonder what’s happening but very soon you realise that the writer doesn’t know how to make the story interesting and so he just drags it on painfully and went to the music and sound guys in the editing room asking them to make the film interesting. They did as bad a job as the writer and director.

This is filmmaking at its worst because its lazy, derivative and a waste of time.

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