Valentine’s Day is upon us and, unlike all the happy couples out there, single men aren’t too fond of it. I’m sure most single men would gladly partake in a Cupid hunt rather than watch some sappy romantic movie about finding your soul mate. But, since we can’t do that, why not just get together with your best bro and watch some of the best Bromance movies of all time. Daylynn DeSouza gives you the top 10.


Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham in The Expendables

10. The Expendables (2010): Guns, explosions, knives, bikes, car chases, hand-to-hand combat and about 10 seconds of real emotions… Need I say more? This is a no brainer and the cheesy jokes and lines go great with a nice cold beer and a good buddy to appreciate it all with.


Seth Rogen and Jay Chou in The Green Hornet

9. The Green Hornet (2011): Who amongst us hasn’t thought about fighting crime and kicking butt? And who better to do it with than your best bro? Be warned, this may lead to an argument about who is the sidekick and who’s the hero.


Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr in Sherlock Holmes

8. Sherlock Holmes (2009): We’ve all tried to solve the mystery of “What the hell did I do last night and how did I get home?” Usually, it’s your best bro who helps you figure things out and helps you sober up and drives you to AA or rehab. Well, this movie is like that in some ways… Except that it’s not, but it has a really great mystery and some great slow motion fight sequences.


The cast of The A-Team

7. The A-Team (2010): Don’t you just love it when you and your buddies have a plan that comes together? This movie also has explosions. So you just know you and your bros are going to love it.


Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith in Men In Black

6. Men in Black (1997): The classic story of boy meets Secret Government Agent. Saving the world from the scum of the universe in a wickedly good-looking suit. Who wouldn’t want to do this with a good buddy to cover their back?


Sylvester Stallone and Kip Pardue in Driven

5. Driven (2000): I tear up whenever I watch this movie. It’s more of a mentor and protégé relationship that we see here, but if you look beyond the surface you see that there’s no one better to teach you how to drive an F1 car than your newly found Brotor (Brother-Mentor).


Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone in Tango & Cash

4. Tango & Cash (1989): When you get framed for something you didn’t do you need your best bro to help you clear your name (even if he’s been framed too). Also, for all you fashion freaks out there, Sylvester Stallone shows us how to look bad ass in a suit that doesn’t have any pinstripes! (I couldn’t believe it either.)


Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon

3. Lethal Weapon (1987): Before he was known to all of us as the drunk, Anti-Semitic, abusive guy most of the world has come to dislike… Mel Gibson was one-half of one of the greatest Bromances of all time… Mel and Danny Glover are the best examples of healthy Bromance we can find.


Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon in The Odd Couple 2

2. The Odd Couple II: Not all bromances die young… Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon prove that not even time, age and distance can really separate true bros. This is one comedy that’ll show you the true meaning of a Bromance.


Hill and Spencer in My Name Is Trinity

1. My Name Is Trinity (1970): The greatest Bromance on and off screen: Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. If you haven’t seen these two on screen you need to step back and re-evaluate your life right now… Go out and rent this movie today. Heck, go out and rent anything with Spencer and Hill in it…

Well that’s it for my top 10 bromance movies of all time. If you don’t agree with this list feel free to send Daylynn DeSouza an e-mail at

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