Saara Chaudry

<by Swati Sharan>

One of the interesting themes to come out of the selection of five films I saw this season was how each of them was an attempt for one to be able to connect with their true self. Whether this was through a passion or through one’s religion, it didn’t seem to matter. Though on the surface these movies could not be more different from one another, this was the thread that bound them together.

I was also very happy to run into some pleasant surprises while watching these films or dashing by the corridors. I got to see Azmaish with Kalki Koechlin doing a Q & A after the film was over in which I got to ask her about whether the Azmaish team did primary or secondary research. (Read Kalki’s interview here)

Sabiha Sumar and Kalki in Azmaish

I then got to meet with Bornila Chatterjee who is the director of the Naseeruddin Shah starrer The Hungry at this very screening. I also got to take some pictures with Rima Das who is the director of Village Rockstars.

Swati Sharan with Rima Das

The following day I attended the screening of the animated film The Breadwinner, which was co-produced by Angelina Jolie. The talented team was present and I got to ask if they were planning a sequel, as this story was a series. The producer Thomas Moore confirmed, “We have plans for turning the other stories into graphic novels.” Later, I took a picture of Saara Chaudry who did the voice of the film’s heroine Parvana in the TIFF Bell Lightbox corridor. So this indeed has been a very memorable experience.


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